First day at Changes UK

Starting the first day is always a new experience but this was different as it was my first day of my work placement. Spending months and months searching, applying and having interviews all around the country trying to find the placement that is right for me. So, then I found Changes UK where I applied for Finance but got offered the job as a volunteer marketing officer which is suited me more.

8th August 2017, alarm set for 7am. This was much earlier than I had been waking up as I had been enjoying the summer sun (or lack of it). I woke up and was shivering through excitement but also a touch of nerves. I had my breakfast and got myself sorted and was ready to leave the house with plenty of time to hopefully keep my record of being punctual and to take into consideration that I may get lost.

8:45 am, I managed to not get lost and arrived at Changes UK where I walked into the building and took a seat where just a few months ago, I was sitting anxiously for the interview. A friendly cleaner was unfortunately scared by my arrival as she was listening to some music through some earphones. She was kind enough to go search for Chantell but she was not in.

Not long after that, Chantell did arrive and introduced me to the team who all seem extremely friendly let’s hope that does not change. I wanted to make a good impression and as it was my birthday the day before I brought some cake in (I had hoped people like chocolate). A large folder (bigger than all my revision notes) was put in front of me with all of the policies, that was interesting to read but did take a while to get through some of them.

There were some troubles with the marketing account and the password not being correct and having a discussion with Chantell about some of the jobs that I would get stuck into, I put my first idea into practice and started writing the first article of a blog.

After first starting to write the blog, I then met the CEO. The man behind the title; Steve, was very welcoming. He gave me a task to find information required for an annual report and I took to researching what these reports entail. After, finding a few similar companies I utilized the website to find when some of the staff has started. I also used the information given about them to include it in the report. Finance reports also have to be included in an annual report. I felt it would be good to graphically represent some of the facts and figures. I also used my contacts that I have gained at university to potentially get some fundraising for the organization. As Changes UK has a recording studio, I contacted the local universities to inform them about the opportunity.

Around 5pm, it was home time and as Marie said, “The clock says it’s time to go”. To reflect on my first day at Change UK, it was delightful. I could get stuck in and also have some fun  as well as meeting some friendly people who made me feel as if I has been here for longer than a day!

Jordan Drew

Marketing Officer and Placement Student