Over the next few weeks, we are going to be having a weekly catch up with one of our residents to see how they are getting on and what progress they are making, and we would love to share this with you…


What have been my most difficult challenges this week?

1. Turning up at Changes and not backing out
2. Opening up and talking in group sessions
3. Getting to know the people around me and feeling relaxed

How did I overcome them?

1. Keep telling myself that this is what I want to do, I need to do it for myself, health, relationships and my life
2. Push myself and try not to hold back opening up about myself
3. Forcing myself to interact and not just sit in awkward silence. Tell myself to try and stop listening to my paranoia

What could I have done better this week?

1. Do my homework the night I get it and keep on top of it as I an remember more from the sessions

What have i learnt about myself as a result?

1. That I blame others for my drinking
2. That I am not alone in how i feel
3. That i have the strength to stop drinking and complete Changes with the support of my peers, volunteers and staff.

What have I done well this week?

1. Lasting a whole week and sticking to it when I felt that I wanted to leave

In what ways have I taken risks, shared, been vulnerable openly this week?

1. Talking aloud in groups I’ve always found hard but talking about my feelings and emotions has made me feel vulnerable

What are my specific goals for the next 7 days and what values are these goals taking me towards?

1. Start trying to share more in groups and talking which is going to be an ongoing goal
2. Not feeling like I’m isolating myself as when not in the group, I tend to sit quietly or away from the bigger groups