What have been my most difficult challenges this week and how did I overcome them?

1. Getting up and going to the academy as I have been feeling ill and have lacked motivation. I have told myself to toughen up as life is good at the moment, i am sober, and I don’t want to miss out on anything that could be key to my recovery
2. Trying to understand and get my head around the whole greater power and handling my will over to it. I am listening to what my peers higher powers are and seeing if I relate to them

What have I learnt about myself as a result?

1. That I need to stop blaming others for my addiction and that I am the person with the problem
2. That sharing my problems and feelings will help and is key to my recovery

What have I done well this week?

1. Started sharing much more in group and opening up about my thoughts and feelings in sessions
In what ways have I taken risks, shared, been vulnerably open this week?
2. Opened up about my moms suicide attempts and feeling worthless due to it, as well as putting it out there about my sexual abuse

What did I achieve this week?

1. More confidence in groups and feel like I have been interacting with the groups better

What are my goals for the next 7 days and what values are these goals taking me towards?

1. To continue relating and sharing with the group and mentor
2. To work more on my higher power and handing my will over to it

Did I achieve my goals for last week?

1. I have been interacting more in group sessions
2. I have been more sociable around the group and less of the ‘grey man’