What have been my most difficult challenges this week?

1. Doing my step two question sheet, as it was time I sat and wrote down how I am, what I have done and my feelings
2. Doing the affirmation sheet, as I have always found it hard giving myself credit.
3. Doing a share along with the music which was totally out of my comfort zone
4. The mindfulness session, getting irritated by the ticking clock
5. Seeing a friend in the room come in and being a mess and hurt
6. Becoming more confident an my paranoia increasing drastically

What have I learnt this week?

1. CBT – Thoughts, feelings and behaviours
– Feelings come from your thinking so your feelings are never wrong but your thinking is
2. PAC theory – Parent, Adult, Child and how your characteristics and behaviours change between the three

What did I achieve this week?

1. My confidence is increasing and still feeling like myself, telling myself it is all in my head
2. Being more understanding of peoples quirks and ways, as I know I have mine

Did I achieve my goals for last week?

1. I have continued to expand my sharing in groups and in my 1 to 1’s
2. I have started to think that my higher power is the rooms and my peers