What have been my most difficult challenges this week?

1. Going to a conference with Changes as I have a real problem with being around large groups of people, I get very paranoid and self conscious
2. Having my sexuality being spoken about in the group, I felt very uncomfortable

How did I overcome them?

1. I kept going out for a fag
2. I made sure that I stayed around people that I knew

What could I have done better this week?

1. Told a member of staff how I was feeling
2. I could have said how I felt about what was being said in group rather than sitting there and agreeing with it

What have I done well this week?

1. I have opened up to my key worker in my 1 to 1 in more depth about my sexual abuse, my mothers suicide and my criminal records
2. I have concentrated more at meetings and not let my mind wonder

What did I achieve this week?

1. Take on board what people say to me and how to better myself

What are my goals for the next 7 days?

1. To share at a meeting
2. To not get frustrated by the little things that actually aren’t a big issue

Did I achieve my goals for last week?

1. I did a reading at one of the NA meetings