What have been my most difficult challenges this week?

1. Going into the academy and meetings in pain with my stomach and a phone call from the doctor
2. Bringing to group things that were bothering me that were happening in group
3. Not knowing where and when I was going on to stage 3 and having to wait for a date

What did I do to overcome them?

1. Asked to do my significant events next week
2. Went to the doctors regarding my stomach pains
3. Spoke to our group leader before hand about my issues to get help with how to express my feelings and bring them to group

What have I learnt this week?

1. A more in depth view of the serenity prayer, as before it was just a phase that I said but now I have broke it down and made it much clearer and understandable
2. Learnt and heard a story from a peer for the first time and seen how his and mine have similarities and that I am not alone
3. Discovered how AA was founded

What did I achieve this week?

1. Asking and starting my step 4 maps
2. Helped out with setting up a meeting

What are my goals for the next 7 days?

1. If I move, finding a new meeting to attend
2. Try and read a different card at a meeting
3. Finish off my step 4 maps