I found myself alone for a few moments at his bedside, looking at the man who has looked after my Mum so well and made her as happy as he did for the 6 years they were together, also the man who funded the majority of my rehab in October and took a gamble on me when no one else would. I feel like I owe him the world, “Thanks for everything you have done for me Lee” I said “you’ve been amazing for my mum and we all love you. I will make you proud”. I struggled to get my words out, but I meant every word. If there was a time I have to be strong and remain very much in recovery, there is no greater time than now. My mum will lose her rock and his son and daughter will need as much support and love around them. Lee, my mums partner, had fallen ill the previous Saturday night with Heart Failure and was rushed to Redditch Hospital where he has remained ever since, the news we had been given from the consultants yesterday was that due to lack of oxygen for around 25 minutes resulted in severe brain damage and no chance of full recovery. They will begin the process of switching everything off today, the Friday. This has turned our world upside down. Lee has added a lot of value to my life on a personal level, I have had addiction problems even before my mum met him and it has been an up and down few years where he has had to endure challenging period of my active addiction where I would take 1 step forward and then 2 steps back on a few occasions. Lee always offered me support both emotionally and financially where it wasn’t his duty to do so. He has been involved in the emotional trauma of addiction just as much as I have though out the years. But never gave up. He always saw something in me despite inconsistent periods and the heart ache of homelessness and police arrests. I will forever be grateful to Lee for his continued love and support that has enabled me to find my feet again and get back to the son and brother that my family love.

Just for today, I will remain in recovery and make Lee proud of me.