Day 26 of Recovery Month brings us another heart-warming journey. Today’s journey is the story of Stewart C. We hope you enjoy the read!

Before I came to Changes, I was living in a one-bedroom flat with no hope in the world. I liken the time of my life back then to being attacked by the four horsemen of AA. I was living in constant terror, bewilderment, frustration and despair in my life and my life was deteriorating further. My life was slowly crumbling from very little to nothing at all.

I have had 4 home detoxes from a nurse who was connected to Changes UK. Every time the same situation happened, a relapse, back to the dreary one bedroom flat in Isolation, with no hope once again. I honestly believed that I could do this all on my own and I did not need help from anyone.

The nurse who had supplied the detoxes never gave up on me and knew that someday I would get back on my feet. The nurse came to the flat and banged on the door, screaming at me. She was going to get me help if it was the last thing she did, dragging me out kicking and screaming if she had to. The white flag was finally raised, I surrendered and was going to get help.

In February 2016 I moved to Clarity House. From the first moment I arrived, I warmed to the staff and found them to be amazing. I knew that I wanted to stop and had to stop, and at Changes I was going to stop. Straight away the staff at Changes became my extended family as the love I was shown was wonderful, although it did take a while to get used to all the hugs, but now I can’t help but give out a hug.
I moved on from Clarity House to stages 2,3 and 4 of Changes UK. The main thing at Changes was that they made me willing to get help and receive help from others. I got a sponsor and started working the 12-step program, which I still work today. I was also encouraged to join AA and then NA and work through the steps of each program with different sponsors.

Changes gave me the foundation to re-build my life. I leaped at the chance to get back into education and so I went back to college. At college, I was educated in Numeracy and Literacy which allowed me to then move on to working on my career path. I achieved a level 3 award so I could teach brick laying and I am planning to move on to the level 4 award and beyond.

With the support group I have constructed at Changes, it enables me to look for flats so that I can live independently. The help I get from Changes in searching for flats will let me make the right choices that I would have struggled to make on my own.

As well as the extended family I have made at Changes my biological family are back in my life as I have gained back their trust. My daughter is finally back in my life too which has gone a long way to make my life complete. I would never have had my daughter back in my life if it weren’t for Changes and all the staff that work there.

My life will continue to improve and I can definitely say that I am now a productive member of society. I would just like to say a massive thank you to Changes!