Day 30 of Recovery Month. As it’s the final day, we are bringing you a mother and daughter’s perspective on the same journey. Here is Linda’s perspective on her daughter Katie’s journey. We hope you enjoy the read!

The week before Katie went into changes she was in and out of hospital, doubled up in pain and a shadow of a girl. Changes had been mentioned, there were no places in the supported living house, she was desperate, as we all were. I had planned her funeral in my head, I knew who would be carrying her coffin and what songs would be played. Katie’s addiction consumed my life, it affected work, I would go in crying, I made mistakes, I couldn’t shut it out.

Even after 17 years of the situation the latter stages were as bad as the beginning of her using. I was one of the lucky parents, I was surrounded by love and support, it still consumes every minute of every day. I tried everything over the years, she had been into 2 rehabs before going into changes, they were amazing and I’m eternally grateful but Katie just couldn’t get it. I read everything I could about addiction, I’m her mum, I can fix this! Nope, Co-dependency was mentioned a million times…but I’m her mum, I must try to save her…Towards the end I had given up, I couldn’t do it any longer, I was physically and mentally worn out.

Katie went for her appointment at Changes, I stood outside waiting for her to come out, I watched people come and go, and I prayed. someone was listening, somewhere.

The support Katie has been given has been amazing, from the first day at the academy up until now, I have watched Katie grow into this wise, confident woman. As a parent I am so grateful, she is what she is today because of Steve and the whole team at Changes. I would like to give an extra special thank you to Marion as she has allowed Katie to flourish now.

I think I probably see less of Katie now than I ever have, we still have that bond, we chat every day, but if I don’t talk to her its ok. She has become this woman who has a loving fulfilled life, surrounded by people who love her, who protect her when needed, I can’t advise her anymore, she’s far too intelligent for that! The situations have somewhat reversed. I hope there is someone somewhere reading this, someone who feels totally helpless, not knowing what to do and where to go. Changes saved not only Katie, Changes saved me.