We brought you Linda’s perspective on her daughter Katie’s journey. Now here’s Katie’s story. We hope you enjoy the read!

I had my detox in the community, I knew my using was done so going into changes wasn’t just about me getting clean, it was also about getting some love back into my life. My relationships with my family had crumbled beneath me due to the addiction. I became a nuisance and my mum, dad, sister and my brothers had all had enough of me.

An obstacle appeared right before me, I had pains in my stomach and it was found that I actually had a large ulcer. Fortunately Changes saw that I really needed help and so stood by me and supported me whilst I stayed in hospital. I didn’t know what to expect at Changes as I didn’t know any of the girls there. Boyd, Steven Costello, and Marion all worked with me with different aspects in my life which built my confidence and allowed me to restart my life with goals, aspirations and most of all love.

I gained life-long friends at Changes and most importantly got a best friend in my little sister who was sick and tired of me previously. My mum and dad are the happiest I’ve ever known them. They finally had back the Katie that wanted to make something of herself and not the selfish addict. I stayed with changes for 12 months, and then moved on which was sad but part of my journey.

I have now gained direction in my life and now have a full-time job and can honestly say that out of 3 treatment centres that I have been in throughout my life, Changes gave me the most and helped me build myself because this time I was ready.

I have hopes for the future all of which now seem achievable. I want to eventually go to university to move forward on my career path. As well as professional hopes, I want to travel, and when I’m ready, settle down and have my own family. I have been shown so much love at Changes, I have lots to give and I’m excited for my future x