Today is day 10 of Recovery Month. Here is the story of Antony of which because of Changes, could be said to have become a totally different person.

Antony was nearly 5 years cleans and he was involved in a service that’s like Changes. He had worked his way up to a managerial role at the rehabilitation service. Antony described himself at this time as a wounded healer who spent so much of his time helping others that he did not look after himself and so he dropped out. The support he had got from his network and NA had deteriorated seriously.
Antony was a in a serious amount of pain due to his addiction but his pride meant that he would not ask for help. After going on a 10-day drinking session, Antony went to a facility in Northampton, it was there where Changes was suggested. Unfortunately, Antony at that point in time was ambivalent about this opportunity and even described himself as an arrogant and egotistical human being.

Steve Hatch and Steve Costello went to assess Antony and he was accepted into Changes. Full of fear and the arrogant attitude that Changes would not be able to help stood. Antony was made to feel welcome and had the program explained to him. Antony was one of the first clients at Yardley Road. Being locked down, Antony felt like a child and was very angry and so put up a tremendous amount of resistance against Steve Hatch and Steve Costello. This was also because his mind was warped and believed that if it wasn’t done his way, then it wasn’t worth doing. Changes stood with Antony through this professional and personal conflict that he was going through. The constant fighting against the staff gave Changes the only option to give Antony 48 hours to change his way or to remove him from the program.

Antony knew he could not be removed and so with no money or belongings to his name, Antony got involved with Changes and listened to advice given to him. This was one of the first times that Antony decided that someone other than himself knew what was best for him. After completing 8 weeks in the academy, Antony moved to a property at Aston where he got continuous advice, joined a fellowship, saw an external psychotherapist and engaged with Steve Hatch and Steve Costello; those who he had fought with previously.

Antony described these 9 months of changing his life and to reconstruct everything that other services had built him up to be. This was the most difficult experience Antony has said he has gone through.

An extreme gratitude Antony feels towards Changes as he was given the opportunity to rebuild himself. He decided to go back to work and he found work at another facility with where he was doing support work. He kept in contact with those at Changes.
More recently, Antony moved to Southend as in April 2017 he started work at a supported housing service. Where now he is in fact the manager of this service. Antony said he is under no illusion that he in the position he is in currently because of Changes and maintains the gratitude he has for the staff even now.