Today is day 12 of Recovery Month. We have Charlottes story of how recovery has completely transformed her life. We will never forget the day of her graduation when we witnessed her dad pick her up off the floor in an embrace that was so long overdue.

“Before I came to Changes, I couldn’t stop using drugs, my family didn’t want to know me, I had lost my son, I was being abused in a long term relationship and wanted to die on a daily basis.
I was miserable and desperate I had no home, no job and no hope.
I got to Changes and learnt that people wanted to help me, people were happy and smiling, people helped me to learn about myself and taught me ways that I could start my life over again
People in particular like Katie, Boyd, Jackie, Duncan and Steve.
I went through the Recovery Academy, I learnt so much and started to realize that I too could have true friends I learnt there were other people that had gone through the same things as me, I didn’t feel alone for the first time in a long time. I turned up every day from the home my dad had given me because I was making changes.
I passed my driving test while I was at Changes and I remember celebrating that day with people there ?
Today, I see my son regularly, he is my world. I spend time with my family, I have a good relationship with all of my family and they are so proud of me.
I have a job and am going to university soon to train to be a nurse.
I still remember where I came from and the help that Changes gave to me and I try and show other people the same help and love the way it was shown to me there”