Today’s story shows the journey of Michelle; who is the friendly face you will see on reception from time to time! Hope you enjoy the read.

Michelle grew up in a loving family with many goals and aspirations. Michelle trained to be a hairdresser and even started her own business, as well as playing for a football team. It seemed as if life was going well.

The exposure to drugs started when she travelled to Australia and met a guy (where many problems start) and she tried hard drugs. Moving back to England, Michelle was diagnosed with ADHD and became quite rebellious. Michelle’s life unfortunately deteriorated quite quickly from here, her business, relationships with family and friends all broke down. She had lost everything and Michelle had reached her lowest point yet; she was homeless and dealing drugs.

After going to multiple rehabs and getting clean but constantly relapsing, Michelle needed a change as she moved to the Netherlands and went to rehab there. Michelle reached another low point as she was kicked out of rehab and her life became constantly in danger as she had been taken by a gang. When she escaped she decided to get real help, this was the turning point.
Michelle joined a rehab with a 12-step program like Changes UK where it helped her wean from illegal drugs and drugs for medicinal purposes. At this point Michelle was diagnosed with PTSD and after working in the program and getting a lot of therapy, her life was slowly getting back on track.

Michelle volunteers at Changes and has got her own place to live. Although not going through the program at Changes; volunteering gives Michelle the opportunity to work and to help others which she believes is important in her recovery. Michelle has rebuilt her relationships with her family and they are now stronger than ever. She starts back at college soon which will educate her how to effectively and efficiently work in rehabs, this is the field that Michelle wants to pursue a career in. Michelle has faith in life and aspirations which had been lacking for some time.