CHANGES UK is now based at Recovery Central in Digbeth, the Social Enterprise Quarter and the Creative Quarter of the city and a unique place with a vibrant culture.

Through social enterprise at Recovery Central we meet the needs of the local community (for affordable, quality products and services) to create volunteering and training opportunities, work experience and employment for the recovery community and sustainable income for Changes UK.

Membership of Recovery Central is available to anyone in abstinent recovery. Here you will find;

  • A one-stop-shop for recovery services and information for service users, professionals and the local community,
  • Recovery Central Groupwork – an opportunity to explore a range of issues and engage with others in a wide variety of groups in a settled and comfortable environment,
  • The Recovery Training Centre – accredited training for people in recovery.
  • A business incubation suite – support and resources for people in recovery who wish to become social entrepreneurs and start a CIC of their own.

Members of Recovery Central will be trained to develop and deliver a range of affordable products and services for the local community, via social enterprise, to create volunteering, training, work experience and employment opportunities for the recovery community.

The first phases of our new business ventures include;

  1. A Community Café and Dry Bar,
  2. Changes Media Centre, including a Recording Studio and UK Recovery Radio,
  3. Changes Gardening; landscape gardening and maintenance,
  4. Building Changes; building and property maintenance,
  5. A Gymnasium and Dance Studio,
  6. A Print Shop.

Recovery Central is a high profile demonstration of recovery and rehabilitation in action that challenges the stigma of addiction and demonstrates that, with the right support, people do recover and can be an asset to society and not a burden.