Changes Gardening made the most of National Gardening Week by giving back to the local community. Working alongside St Paul’s Community Development Trust, we brought along twenty volunteers and transformed the school allotment from a jungle to neat beds!!

Changes Gardening Before Shot

The before shot – the wild allotment at St Paul’s Community School


The school gardens had been neglected over the winter and were in need of a makeover. Changes Gardening found 20 volunteers to work alongside St Paul’s Community Trust to go from jungle to kitchen allotment.  Our volunteers came from our Recovery Academy, Recovery Central community, staff and National Express.

The teachers and students at St Paul’s School couldn’t do this alone. They needed volunteers to do the heavy work and plants to transform the space. Local charity Better Pathways donated a large number of plants as did the Wyevale Garden Centre in Bournville, supporting a combined community effort.

 “Working together on projects like this is great for building community spirit.  I’ve worked with Changes Gardening for over year after using Changes services. I have been clean now for 18 months, and have moved from being a volunteer to managing the gardening service. Changes Gardening has helped me turn my life around. All the volunteers had a great day and even want to go back regularly to give back to their local community.”  Daniel Fallon, Gardening Manager

The volunteering team from Changes Gardening

The volunteering team from Changes UK

 “Great partnership work today with Changes UK and St Paul’s School getting our allotment ready for the pupils to use as part of their summer term study programmes!  Changes, staff and pupils were awesome preparing the ground for sowing. Now the beds are dug over and the long grass has been cut back, we can maintain this garden over the summer.”  Headteacher, Kerenza Palmer

Changes Gardening is one of a number of social enterprise ventures that has been developed by Changes UK in order to fund their charitable activity, as well as providing sustainable work opportunities for service users.

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If you would like to support Changes UK please visit our justgiving page. For every £1 donated, Changes makes a social return investment of £14.


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